Oral Cancer Facts – Know the Risks

Oral Cancer Facts - Know the RisksOral cancer is DeadlyOver 8,000 people die every year due to cancer of the mouth and pharynx. As the most deadly form of cancer of the head and neck, it is important to know the facts and risk factors associated with this form cancer.Most people think that oral-pharyngeal cancer only affects people smoke or use chewing tobacco. Nothing could be further from the truth. In recent years, much of what we believe about the risk factors for oral cancer will show only part of big picture.HPV ConnectionOne important factor to consider is that the same virus that has been shown to cause cervical cancer, HPV-16 (human papilloma virus), causes oral cancer. In fact, this form of cancer occurred in patients younger and younger than age 40 are at higher risk lifestyle choices before defined.While traditional risk factors such as smoking, drinking alcohol and risk is still considered a high risk factor, younger patients without known risk of living diagnosed with this disease. Patients known carriers of HPV virus, for example, are encouraged to play Detection annually.

Early save LivesOral-pharyngeal cancer is very serious because it often goes undetected until it has progressed to an advanced stage. Delay detection in oral-pharyngeal cancer with 5-year mortality rate of 57%. When a very early stage, the possibility of improving survival in dramatically.In recently, early detection of oral cancer and precancerous lesions in the oral sex, oral pharynx and dramatically increased by the inclusion of specialized inspection tools. Your dentist will perform a visual and tactile screening for oral cancer in addition to using one of the tools in order to ensure that your mouth protected.Shining Velscope CancerThe Light bulbs are one such tool that uses technology very similar to that see precancerous lesions and cervical cancer. A special light is used to illuminate oral tissue for examination. Green tissue appeared normal and abnormal tissue that may appear dark. The new method of early detection is possible to prevent the abnormal tissue from developing cancer. The doctor is a biopsy of abnormal tissue to visualize the lesion boundaries more accurately using technology.The Best Way to Prevent Cancer? See your dentist regularly. Is an oral cancer screening done every year. Do not ignore the warning signs.

1327 to go alone!

1327 to go alone!If it’s 1 April, it will be easier to explain the strange news from Pakistan. Relevant state authorities orders mobile operators to block text messages containing all any of the specific list of some 1500 “immorality” of the words.

It might have been avoided, but it is not good to draw such a specific list, it will not be displayed more complexly about lewd thoughts of the author list than on the actual obscenity. It seems like a crazy idea because some people complained that they had received a text message they found offensive, and never seemed to find the delete button, by identifying the health benefits are sometimes painful.

Strictly I suspect that behind this exercise is crazy, people around the world discover hypersensitive always be tempered by proxy. (Usually called something like Angry from Brakpan) Classification know – very excited about what is happening to others, who, they feel, is not quite upset about it. They deplored suggestiveness advertising, or fashion, often emphasize that they themselves are immune to such streak of course, but very concerned about the damage to other, more powerful than themselves.

I really can not think of anyone who had sent a nifty SMS or e-mail to these people, to actually condemn the use of any of the rules. More likely, after deciding to act in only a few complaints, they sit down and make a list of every word or phrase that haunts they can think of. What words should be, and what a strange list. In the interest of serving our readers, especially those planning to SMS pal in Pakistan, I have read through the list.

The suspects were actually there, and a lot of most of us would agree that they are not offensive. And we never used in the SMS. But many forbidden just strange and weird.

There has been much attention paid to the inclusion of “Jesus Christ” and “Jesus had. What is annoying that they are not excluded when used in a profane or indecent mode, but only the actual expenses of any use whatsoever. And other religious terms because it is not prohibited.

It reminds me so much of DSTV sensors generally applicable awkward, often random and even if you specifically set your decoder to “Language”. It can actually allow the unwanted speech, and of course ignoring the terrible cruelty horror movie, but insistent cut “God” and “Christ”, no matter where they are used almost prayer, the dirtiest word in the city.

Almost as annoying as some bishops Christmas used to deliver religious messages boring every morning on the radio, always talking about the ‘Guard’ and sometimes ‘Guard shortening’, god sounds like a security operation in a margarine factory.

Primary forbidden word in the English language. Research has shown that when you put a brick on your foot, generally condemn your mother tongue – but it seems the people of Pakistan prefer to be obscene in a more universal language. There are few words in Urdu, like ‘bewaquf’ (stupid) and ‘bakwaas’ (nonsense), which is harmless. But none of the other local languages, such as Punjabi.

They want to know the energetic, which lists 51 rules for the ass, and even find 8 or so obscenities involving a ‘foot’. Beat the familiar meat and banned, but so is ‘hitting dolphins’? How about ‘handling of porpoise’?

Violation of course lies in the eye and mind of the beholder. ‘Breast’ is verboten, but not ‘bust’, so you can see them individually, but not together, as it were. Alternatives are also preferred. Perhaps this is why “Head Lights” is prohibited, although it may make it difficult to order parts from suppliers of motor vehicles. ‘Bazooms’, ‘bazongas’, the ‘gonzagas’, the ‘knockers’ and ‘Hooters’, like. But the ‘melon’ fine. And ‘dip-stick’ is. ‘Fool’ is a no-no, and ‘hand job’, but the ‘boob’ look OK.

‘Back Door’ can not be used, so you have to leave all packages for your correspondent to the door, which was thought to be completely innocent. But do not suggest something must be done ‘poor’, ‘more’ or ‘looser’, although the ‘fast’ fine.

The success of the mind a little dirty

Medical Messages will be difficult, because you can not say ‘tongue’, ‘sex’, ‘may’, ‘herpes’, ‘premature’ or ‘condom’. ‘Premature’ is not allowed, but ‘orgasm’, I thought, looked OK. ‘Matrix’ and ‘urine’ Illegal, as ‘lactate’ and ‘KY’. ‘Deposit’ is prohibited, such as ‘withdrawal’, which could be a problem for on-line banking instructions.

You can not say “forty”, I can not find an elegant use. There are twenty-four virgins from Kirriemuir and 24 blackbirds baked in the cake, but offensive? No ‘Fingerfood’ with ‘decision’ (catering warn you). And not ‘porchmonkey’, whatever that is.

‘Masturbation’ seems OK, but not if that is misspelled – the group seemed touchingly (if I may say so) who are concerned about the limitations of dyslexia or just bad spellers, as they are careful to list the wrong spelling of many forbidden words. ‘Smagma’ banned but not ‘smegma’ (a leading medical terms, which always sounded to me like a character in Lord of the Ring). ‘Gonorrehea’ banned, but not if it’s spelled correctly. ‘Idiot’ can not be used, even nr “idoit” as an idiot can spell. You can not talk about ‘incest’, but a good chat about ‘incest’. Good ‘homosexual’ with ‘Lesbain’ accepted. You can not tell someone ‘waysted’, but the ‘wasted’ fine.

Quite confusing ‘taxi’ taboo, ‘kumquat’ and ‘Mango’! ‘Athletes Foot’ (or ‘athletesfoot’). It ‘lotion’. “Flatulence”. ‘Glazed donuts’. Camel Toe ‘Full stop”’ ‘Blackout’, ‘Budweiser’, ‘carpet muncher’, ‘clam digger’, ‘fat’, ‘Dahmer’, ‘caress’,’ XXX ‘,’ Honkey ‘and’ whore ‘. ‘Nookie’, ‘oui’, ‘Playboy’, ‘hen house’, ‘tramp’, ‘stroke’, ‘slope’, ‘block’, and ‘showtime’. ‘K-Mart’. No ‘axing weasel’ (?), But ‘pop goes weasel’ fine. ‘Dome’ OK, but not ‘dome’.

Remember, they are banned from use in the field of private messages sent between citizens, adults, and even get married. Jemima Khan, wife of former cricketer and politician Imran Khan, tweeted: “I’ll make sure I include ‘monkey crotch’ in every text to Pakistani friends from this day onwards.”

Texters imaginative, of course. Some had to change the number in the list of prohibited terms for the actual words. “You’re 14, 38!” Shouts him. “Why are not you on 1048 784 293?”

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other leading malignancies

other leading malignanciesThere are a number of known malignancy were unfortunately taken its toll on the children, men and women around the world. Currently in the United States, the man who invented the high number of cancer incidence of kidney cancer is prostate cancer. Other diseases include anywhere from colon and rectal cancer, breast cancer, the disease is less common as a function of internal carcinoma.While adenoid cystic much that hurt, either toxicity or inflammation, a disease that can be cured, there are other diseases that may be more significant, which in will eventually lead to carcinoma. Listed below you will find a variety of cancers suffered by many people spread across the United States: Pancreatic Cancer: Kidney cancer CancerBoth to continue to be a carcinoma is often the case in the U.S. In fact, an estimated 44,000 and 60,000 cases of pancreatic cancer and kidney cancer in the United States, according to the order, is expected to happen this year. Renal cell cancer is comprised mostly of renal parenchymal renal pelvis cancer besides, both of which are common.

Adenoid Cystic CarcinomaThis condition, also referred to as ADCC, may occur in some parts of the body. Covering the affected eye, trachea, breast, lung, and brain. Adenoid cystic carcinoma can quickly move through not only the blood but the root of the cell, so that the highly contagious disease-in the body because it can affect the adjacent tissue. Aggressive nature has the ability to easily modulate DNA, and therefore, destroy the body. Another form of adenoid cystic carcinoma breast.Prostate CancerProstate cancer affects many people around the world and when it comes to American men, regarded as the most popular type of malignancy, according to the American Cancer Society. It is possible to end up close to 250,000 new cases in 2012 in the United States CancerStomach pain alone.Colon quite taxing on the body and mind. When a person’s nutritional content is limited due to the fact that they are able to process and digest the contents of the food, it becomes a challenging and stressful. Colon and rectal cancer, or “colorectal cancer”, associated with inflammation of the colon and is expected to approach 144,000 in the U.S. in 2012.The uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells in the body that lead to malignant cell puts an enormous toll on the human body , especially for the building blocks of the body’s cells. Different types of cancer listed above, including kidney cancer or adenoid cystic carcinoma, only a few of many potential cancer. Although the reasons may vary, this dangerous disease can develop into almost any tissue or organ.

Psychosocial aspects of the Beslan massacre

Psychosocial aspects of the Beslan massacreThe Great Beslan school siege, North Ossetia, Russia, the terrorists always seem tend to have a tragic ending, but the handling of the Russian authorities could lead to more serious consequences for the victims of this outrage.

The botched intervention

Early, it at first seems almost refreshing that the media is allowed access to the crime scene, when we remember the decade in which the Russian tried to deny the reality of the plane crashes and other disasters and total control over the reporting of the event. But when the killings began on Friday, September 3, quickly became apparent that the situation represents something closer to chaos than responding planned or thought through. One may also ask radical questions, such as whether the results will be better for the children and people of Ossetia if the authorities completely ignore emergency and did not intervene at all.

There, as we watch live satellite TV, extraordinary level of chaos, with people rushing knew about. No Perimeter precisely controlled, allowing people from the community to intervene at random, and make it easier for every terrorist thought to bring civil or military clothing Russia, just join the crowd and fading. In fact, we wonder how many casualties were caused by what, the spectacular, the so-called “fire”.

This requires a rather profound misunderstanding of the situation is to produce results worse than complete non-intervention.

Hostage negotiation

There is, for example, what looks bad uncritical acceptance of the idea that normal hostage negotiations be successful realization of a peaceful conclusion of the event. But actually some fundamental aspects of the situation are ignored. Although our ability to negotiate a hostage situation can be improved significantly in the last few years as a result of our study of the nature and development of the normal course of events, it seems to be forgotten that this kind of groups committed to the creation of active interference by fear and acts of terrorism, as well as educated us. If they are both in their nefarious business, they should know what to do with the negotiators and hope, and how to counter the possibility of moving to wrest control of their situation.

“Hostage negotiation” technique as eloquently described by a parade of experts during the siege of Beslan, is effective when used as hostages is a private activity, undertaken by psychologically disturbed people under extreme fatigue and excitement, or With typical self-serving criminals seeking to maximize personal benefits for themselves. But it is far from clear how this can be useful when intervention is very different motivations, because they are in Beslan.

With suicide bombers and terrorists who not only do not fear death for themselves, but actively seek the spirit, believing that brings them glory politics and religion, there is no legitimate threat to the death penalty, because they want to avoid destroying themselves. Offering safe passing unattractive to confrontation and Jihad wants to go to heaven accelerated. Private and criminal hostage situation, hostage generally want to live and to get explicit goals and specific possibilities – either it immunity from prosecution, custody of children, the return of the guilty pair, helicopters, and a million dollars. All this can be promised and even provided.

But when you want to Beslan they do not make demands, or simply utopian demands and magnificent that they really do not know and will not be approved by the government concerned, if they do not want to live, the negotiators were very limited. There are different ways in which negotiators are trying to build a relationship with the leader hotter: but this group has repeatedly refused to accept food, water or medicine. They do not plan to live episode, they also do not want the hostages to safer or more convenient.

Targeting innocent

As usual leaders want something that can be given, I fear the terror, horror and do not want to be fixed or limited. We complained about the harassment they were “innocent victims” do not realize that more innocent victims, the higher the level of our anger and horror, more satisfied terrorists. Innocent victims or unattractive will be useful to them. Perhaps the most unlikely meeting held hostage by terrorist convention of politicians and lawyers!

Terrorism is a strategy of instrumental violence, which threatens to damage or A horrible death to B, influence C. C will be the government, or society in general, hoping that we can influence government in such a way as to suit the purpose of A, the authors of violence. But there is a pattern developing a more nearly hopeless to deal with, and exemplified by al-Qaeda and the like. They had not fully coherent political agenda, and what is described only by their wildly unrealistic, pretentious and Messianic. Their main purpose is somewhat isolated, including the intoxicating feeling of power to get them so scary and horrible, and their sheer pleasure in chaos and disorder. To a degree that they are looking for publicity, but they like the drunk who took the microphone at a meeting, it can not think of anything to say.

To a degree, some of their actions can be revealed about the purpose as “Chechen freedom” or “freedom of the Palestinians”, but absolutely no action was ever brought them closer as aiming to achieve, Indeed they generally make them much more likely to be achieved. In fact, they hijacked reason is for their own interest, to give the smooth surface of the reason may be eligible. Their work is not about the needs of their mention in their manifesto and declaration wild.

Possible effects on victims

What is the likely impact of the Beslan massacre on the victims? We are more aware now of the possible psychological damage that usually outlasts most of the physical damage caused by the evil. All children exposed to these threats and in many cases the reality of physical violence directed against themselves, and witnessed horrific acts of violence against others. In addition, they specifically emphasize fear, hunger, thirst, degradation of uncertainty, and – all the elements that are commonly used in “brainwashing” techniques, to encourage significant psychological trauma meant.

In addition, a complete chaos and disorder in which the victim is out from school, may increase the losses. Most of the damage caused by a traumatic event may be reduced if the victim appears in a quiet and comfortable community, in an atmosphere of calm and confident, but not if they rejoin society itself has become irregular and needs. Families and communities that they are traumatized by the experience, and what we see only limited information and lack of support. This will limit the ability of family caregivers and the community itself to be useful as victims to return as needed.

Fortunately, the child may also appear surprising resilience and strength, and though all may be very upset, many can recover to a level that can surprise their carers. Unfortunately, we heard and saw nothing of any possible meeting Russian Psychologists and others with experience in dealing with trauma, to help children and adult victims, and provide advice to parents and the community. I’m not aware of any such group in Russia that can provide such assistance, even though the need to create such equipment is apparent for years. There are a large number of trained trauma specialists around the world who are able to help, even with the language barrier, they must do so through training and supervision of local psychological personnel.

In South Africa, where I and others strongly urged the Department of Health to develop plans and equipment to deal with such events, advice has been ignored so far. Maybe it was a chance for failure of consideration. Like the Russian, we must respond to a coherent and practical psychological and social components of major disasters, whether natural or man-made, not only in the strictly military sense, but also that psychosocial interventions quickly and experts can limit the damage. – (Prof. Michael Simpson, psychiatrist)